these 5 wishes brought to you by the 2009 fall TV lineup... of which i watch way too much. poor TiVo.

* i wish i didn't have to listen to the Dancing With the Stars band & singers butcher song after song after song. i can't even focus on the swinging hips of Lacey Schwimmer (she's hot) or Maksim Chmerkovskiy's strong hold (and other things. ahem) anymore because i'm too busy cringing. and since when do ballroom dancers dance to Jon Bon Jovi and The Clash? what? please... for the love of dancing, send that band packing with the next couple to be eliminated.

Cheryl Burke and Maksim Chmerkovskiy on DWTS - ABC monday nights

* i wish mr. big hadn't divorced carrie bradshaw, left new york & gone off to become a crooked, prostitute-banging politician. *sigh*

Chris Noth on The Good Wife - CBS tuesday nights

* i wish the small town of Eastwick, Rhode Island really did exist because i shall like to move to there. big fountains for which to splash in, harvest festivals and hot witches? how could anyone not want to move there?

Jamie Ray Newman, Lindsay Price & Rebecca Romijn in Eastwick - ABC wednesday nights

* i wish... i wish...so many wishes where it concerns this show, i wouldn't even know where to start. let's just admire this for a moment, shall we?

Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy - ABC thursday nights

* i wish someone had told my TiVo that Medium was moved to a different night and station. i've missed 5 episodes! FIVE! now i have to catch up on my tiny-ass laptop. sucktastic.

Patricia Arquette, Maria Lark, Sofia Vassilieva, Miranda Carabello and Jake Weber on Medium - CBS friday nights (in case you were wondering what happened to it)

there are so many other shows i could have commented on, but honestly... who has that much time? so, what are your favorite shows this season? (besides Glee. that's everyone's favorite. or maybe just mine.)




Dri Noleto said...

I love,love,love Mr Big, oh God!!!And I do love all the American TV series!
Thank you very much for picking me,ok?
I have already visited your blog many,many times!!

Lori Renn said...

I love Desperate Housewives and I can't wait for the premier of Ugly Betty!!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

hahaha! i watched the first 5 seconds of eastwick cuz you all were talking about it but have no idea what its about. it has the same theme music as desperate housewives

Patty said...

Haha, love your post:)

I wish Mr. Big would come over and swoop me up in his limo and take me away:)

Oh and Patrick Dempsey as well.

Gotta have them both:)

Beth Perry said...

ahaha on Mr. Big!
and yes, let's just stare at McDreamy...should have added McSteamy while you were on it. :P

metrochic said...


angie said...

the good wife rocks!! i just want to slap her mother-in-law.

Rhi said...

yaaaaay. i love medium!
although, this last series has felt a bit whack to me. maybe coz i know the show now, but i've been guessing it right within the first 10 mins.
come on allison! don't be such a dimwit!

i mostly love the family interactions though. the rest is just filler.

Anonymous said...

you'll be glad to know that i took the moment to admire McDreamy. now off the clean my house. back to reality.

Anonymous said...

helllooo old friend. Well, seeing how my tv shows are limited down here, I have top download everything. I love The Office and Sons of Anarachy (Jacks, muy bueno!) I never got into the Dancing show and I;ve missed the last 2 years of Grey's...but Dr. McSteamy is pretty McSteamy...
what is this Eastwicks show, sound good, is it?

SashaH916 said...

Man oh man .. how about I keep missing East Wick I need to catch up and what channel and all that good shit ..

Girl I love to love me some McDreamy and the Medium is all kind of fantastic ..


Anonymous said...

Haha! Couldn't agree more on all those shows! Also your use of the word "sucktastic" is FABULOUS!!!

Beth said...


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