it's up! it's up!

the little "project" i've been working on for the past few months is finally up! 

in case you haven't seen or heard about it yet, this is my baby. our baby. i say "our" because without the fabulous group of women & artists that i was able (and lucky enough) to talk into this little adventure, it surely would not be as fabulous! so for the
gajillionth time...

THANK YOU heatherstaceysashaerinjennychristinamariemandykaylee
stephanieangeladebeedaniellepattyrhi! :)

the joint is called:

and as the description says - it's a challenge AND a swap blog for creators and lovers of Artist Trading Cards.

why did i create a challenge & swap blog for ATC's? 
1. i LOVE making ATCs. love. 
2. there  isn't a whole lot of inspiration out there for this medium. even less in the form of a challenge blog. but there should be because these little works of art are so fun to make and perfect for those who don't have alot of time but still want to work the creative mojo. like me. ;)
3. i like a good ATC swap (you should see all the ATCs i have collected over the past 3 years!), but what i don't like is having to make multiple cards (most often identical because again, who has time to make 20+ unique cards?) in such a short period of time. plus the shipping of these cards is kind of a pain. well, maybe just for me. but still...

i liked the idea of swapping one-on-one with another artist and obtaining a set of cards over a longer period of time - thus the swapping portion of "simply ArTistiC" was born! yay!

our first challenge has been posted and there is still plenty of time to play along! get over there and check out the prompt, as well as the fabulous ATCs made by our creative team (the ArTCees) and our so inspiring guest designer, tara anderson.

here's what i made for card #1 of our "alice in wonderland" set:

the red one is up for trading! i have fallen in love with the blue one so i may have to keep that for myself. :)

so there it is. i'm beyond thrilled to finally have gotten this going and i can't wait to see everyone's creations, but i think the most exciting part (at least for me) is finding out who will be swapping with who. it'll be different with every challenge, so it's sort of like... christmas. twice a month! wheeeeeee!

now, i can focus on some other projects - like revamping this blog and a little redecorating of the house. well, i can once the girls are back in school... which isn't too far off. just a couple of weeks of summer vacation left. wow... did that fly!

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