these 5 wishes brought to you by the 2009 fall TV lineup... of which i watch way too much. poor TiVo.

* i wish i didn't have to listen to the Dancing With the Stars band & singers butcher song after song after song. i can't even focus on the swinging hips of Lacey Schwimmer (she's hot) or Maksim Chmerkovskiy's strong hold (and other things. ahem) anymore because i'm too busy cringing. and since when do ballroom dancers dance to Jon Bon Jovi and The Clash? what? please... for the love of dancing, send that band packing with the next couple to be eliminated.

Cheryl Burke and Maksim Chmerkovskiy on DWTS - ABC monday nights

* i wish mr. big hadn't divorced carrie bradshaw, left new york & gone off to become a crooked, prostitute-banging politician. *sigh*

Chris Noth on The Good Wife - CBS tuesday nights

* i wish the small town of Eastwick, Rhode Island really did exist because i shall like to move to there. big fountains for which to splash in, harvest festivals and hot witches? how could anyone not want to move there?

Jamie Ray Newman, Lindsay Price & Rebecca Romijn in Eastwick - ABC wednesday nights

* i wish... i wish...so many wishes where it concerns this show, i wouldn't even know where to start. let's just admire this for a moment, shall we?

Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy - ABC thursday nights

* i wish someone had told my TiVo that Medium was moved to a different night and station. i've missed 5 episodes! FIVE! now i have to catch up on my tiny-ass laptop. sucktastic.

Patricia Arquette, Maria Lark, Sofia Vassilieva, Miranda Carabello and Jake Weber on Medium - CBS friday nights (in case you were wondering what happened to it)

there are so many other shows i could have commented on, but honestly... who has that much time? so, what are your favorite shows this season? (besides Glee. that's everyone's favorite. or maybe just mine.)





i seriously spend more time browsing galleries and checking out everyone else's work than doing some of my own. which kinda sucks in a way because i'm always SO INSPIRED AND READY TO CREATE after perusing everyone else's work, but i just can't break away once i get started. it's a vicious cycle. *sigh*

here's what i have to share today:

first - my
Catwalk selection over @ SIStv. fellow fashionista, Larissa Albernaz, hosted a special catwalk challenge last week & this cute layout by Drinoleto was one of the entries. i love how she improvised on her title work... it gives my used packages of Thickers some hope! heh.

next - uhm... WOW. words cannot express how much i ADORE this. and the fabulous girl who made it, Tara Anderson. i mean... right? *swoon*

she created this little lovely for this week's Bad Girls Elements d'Art... where she also posted a mini tutorial on how to create the ruffly sewing pattern border and sweet little flower... which i will definitely be trying soon! if you have a moment, you must go check it out. you're welcome. ;)

so... what art have you seen that has inspired you beyond belief? please to be sharing with me, thank you. :)




these 5 wishes brought to you today by the late night infomercials that invade all 25849731 channels on my satelitte tv between the hours of 1am to 5am.

don't act like you don't get sucked into them too. i know you do.

* i wish the Bump It people had mentioned in their instructions on how to use this product, that it requires you tease the crap outta your hair for at least a good 5 minutes (thus requiring a fair amount of upper arm & body strength) and about 2165714 gallons of a good STIFF hairspray to hold said Bump It in place. and even then... my hair did not hold. wanh wanh.

* i wish this infomercial didn't describe what must be happening in my kids' bathroom every morning that is actually making me consider buying this product. frick. does it come in any other colors?

* i wish my husband hadn't thrown out 48/49 pieces of this Smart Spin storage system because he thought they were disposable. or just didn't want to wash them out. now i'm left with nothing but a lonely "spin". crap.

* i wish someone could tell me if this Perfect Brownie Pan does indeed, make the perfect brownie. because if so... I'M BUYING THIS SUCKER! i mean, they look like perfect brownies... right? and holy shit! it cuts the brownies for me! lazy.

* and lastly...... i have no words. i wish i did. actually, no i don't.

i didn't post links to these products because, well... these people do a pretty good job of advertising all by they own damn selves. plus, the products pretty much sell themselves, don't you think? also... you can snag these treasures at any store with "Wal" as a prefix.

just sayin'. ;)



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