these 5 wishes brought to you today by the late night infomercials that invade all 25849731 channels on my satelitte tv between the hours of 1am to 5am.

don't act like you don't get sucked into them too. i know you do.

* i wish the Bump It people had mentioned in their instructions on how to use this product, that it requires you tease the crap outta your hair for at least a good 5 minutes (thus requiring a fair amount of upper arm & body strength) and about 2165714 gallons of a good STIFF hairspray to hold said Bump It in place. and even then... my hair did not hold. wanh wanh.

* i wish this infomercial didn't describe what must be happening in my kids' bathroom every morning that is actually making me consider buying this product. frick. does it come in any other colors?

* i wish my husband hadn't thrown out 48/49 pieces of this Smart Spin storage system because he thought they were disposable. or just didn't want to wash them out. now i'm left with nothing but a lonely "spin". crap.

* i wish someone could tell me if this Perfect Brownie Pan does indeed, make the perfect brownie. because if so... I'M BUYING THIS SUCKER! i mean, they look like perfect brownies... right? and holy shit! it cuts the brownies for me! lazy.

* and lastly...... i have no words. i wish i did. actually, no i don't.

i didn't post links to these products because, well... these people do a pretty good job of advertising all by they own damn selves. plus, the products pretty much sell themselves, don't you think? also... you can snag these treasures at any store with "Wal" as a prefix.

just sayin'. ;)




heyjenrenee said...

HA! blanket/slanket/snuggie with arm warmer/hood/armrest/neck-brace/bacon holder/warmer!


Sasha said...

I see some stuff on there I want LOLOL .. love it ..

miss you

metrochic said...

i think jen needs that dog slanket. also, chris is a moron.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

u make me giggle! :)

Julie Ann Shahin said...


Beth Perry said...

hahaha yes!! you are hilarious! and that posh white poodle in the snuggie on the commercial needs to be bitch slapped!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Hi sweets!!

I have a blog award for you on mine. http://julieannshahin.blogspot.com

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