granny squares...

... are highly addicting.

i've made several with no plan in mind for what i'm going to do with them just yet, but that's not keeping me from making them. neither is the "claw" my hand turns into every night. 
curse my 38-year-old arthritic hand. *sigh* 

at any rate, it's a great way to keep busy and feel like you've accomplished something while sitting on the couch catching up on some TiVo! just sayin'.

i browsed through a few tutorials, but just couldn't grasp the concept until i found this one. and then it just clicked. if you've been itching to learn how to make a granny square, i definitely recommend it. super easy and fun to make. 
once you get that down, check out her website for more fun tutorials, like these easter egg pals. 
seriously. how cute would those look in a basket?

one last thing... if anyone knows what the pattern is for the blanket featured in her blog banner and where i can find it, shoot me a comment/link/email please? 
i'm dying to make a blanket of some sort and that one looks easy enough for starters, but i could be wrong.

happy tuesday!


it's all about love...

i'm a little behind with this post because last week was spent recapping CHA happenings for Craft Critique, and i am totally grateful to have had the opportunity. it was such a fantastic experience! 

so listen, in case you missed the show or have not read the 26416465 posts out there about what's new & hot in the artsy/crafty world, {i never tire of seeing the eye candy}, please take a minute to visit the Craft Critique website for some awesome CHA coverage.

ok, first - there's a new challenge up at The Creative Type! because this month is all about , the new prompt is all about songs, so if you're in the mood to be sweet & sappy, head on over to the blog and play along!

this song inspired my layout - "you & i" by ingrid michaelson & dan romer {oh how it makes me happy}:

chris and i always talk about our dream house on a mountaintop {what? it could happen.}, so i knew this was the song i had to use. i've also been waiting for the perfect opportunity to scrap the "A + C" photo {which you can read more about here}. it's one of my favorite pics and i may find myself using it over & over again. 
perhaps for a special little valentine something? eh, we'll see.

here's my love song tribute to my honey:

second - some exciting news! i've been asked to join the DT for Angie Delarie Designs! i've been a fan of angie's for a long time {it's not only because we share the same name. i swear.} so of course, i was thrilled when she asked and even more when i saw what i will be working with for my first assignment - hellacute!
if you haven't seen her line of acrylic stamps, paper & chipboard accents, you need to. because seriously, too cute.

speaking of which... you wanna win some of that cuteness?
angie's giving away some fun stuff because she's all about the ♥ {and valentine's day} too. just hop on over to her blog & leave a comment for a chance to win these: 

Three Speckled Frogs Dreaming
and some other fun little accents!
you have until the 12th. you're welcome. ;)

here's wishing you all a "love"ly week...



when did that happen?

with all the fun & fabulous valentine projects popping up everywhere, i had an urge to make a little something 
'valentine-ish' myself. actually, 2 little somethings. 
ATCs to be exact {my favorite thing to make}.

i made both of these for the simply ArTistiC challenge blog. this one was for our last challenge - card #10/swirls:

we are currently on hiatus {new challenges/swaps start up in march!}, but there is an open swap going on this month so i made this card to throw in the swap:

i'm hoping to find some time this year to MAKE some handmade valentines with the kid for her classmates, since this will be the last year she'll get to do that. 
because, you know... it's lame to give out valentines in 7th grade. duh. 

do you make your own valentines or have you seen any cool ones out there? i need idears. please to share.

here's hoping for fabulous february!

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