granny squares...

... are highly addicting.

i've made several with no plan in mind for what i'm going to do with them just yet, but that's not keeping me from making them. neither is the "claw" my hand turns into every night. 
curse my 38-year-old arthritic hand. *sigh* 

at any rate, it's a great way to keep busy and feel like you've accomplished something while sitting on the couch catching up on some TiVo! just sayin'.

i browsed through a few tutorials, but just couldn't grasp the concept until i found this one. and then it just clicked. if you've been itching to learn how to make a granny square, i definitely recommend it. super easy and fun to make. 
once you get that down, check out her website for more fun tutorials, like these easter egg pals. 
seriously. how cute would those look in a basket?

one last thing... if anyone knows what the pattern is for the blanket featured in her blog banner and where i can find it, shoot me a comment/link/email please? 
i'm dying to make a blanket of some sort and that one looks easy enough for starters, but i could be wrong.

happy tuesday!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marie-Eve said...

Wow ! Love the colors.
This is really addictive, I'm making a blanket right now and it's gonna take me forever LOL ! I'm showing on my blog !

Denise said...

Angie, I am finally putting your blog on my link list so it is easier to keep track of you...duh. why did I not do this before? You have been posting beautiful stuff and I need to come here with coffee from now on to enjoy. say hi to Heather for me (that facebook hussy)

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