ROAD TRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiP...

so... a couple of saturdays ago, i woke up (at noon o'clock) and thought "hey, i feel like driving 2 hours up to Sedona to eat some guacamole from my fave mexican restaurant!"
random and spontaneous? yes. my husband thought so too as i shook, slapped & tickled him awake. other thoughts crossed his mind... but i won't go into all that.

i figured since it was the start of spring break for the girls and well, we really couldn't afford to go anywhere other than the movie theater that week, this could be a little mini vacay for them.
and good for us to get outta the house. as a family. just the four of us. together. yep. so... off we went. (after stopping at the 'bucks for some snacks and a dark cherry mocha. yum.)
the best part of living up in north phoenix and minutes away from the freeway is that escaping from the city is relatively easy and doesn't take us as long to get to places. like i said, sedona is only about a 2 hour drive for us.
less if chris drives. awesome.

i just got around to editing some of the photos i took with my fanceh Rebel T1i. and thank GOD i remembered to take the memory card out of my laptop and put it back into the camera. ahem. someday i hope to be able to take fantastical photos naturally without having to photoshop the hell outta them, but for now... gotta do what i gotta do.

this is the patio of our favorite mexican restaurant (with the best margaritas & guac) in Sedona, El Rincon, located in the beautiful Tlaquepaque shopping plaza/courtyard. it was a bit too chilly to sit outside, hence the lack of diners out there, but aren't the colors so warm and festive? love it.

the shopping plaza itself is made up of 2 gorgeous courtyards with lovely fountains, tiled and cobblestoned floors, luscious green plants and vines... makes me wish i lived there. i want my entire house to be covered in vines like this.

the kid + grapevine donkeys. or burros. is there a difference? whatever. super cute. i wonder how my HOA would react to having wicker donkeys in my front yard...

i took a couple... few... several pictures of the family in front of this fountain but clearly, they'd had enough about halfway through. the look on their faces pretty much says it all. (it's the price they pay for have a scrappy mama/wife. someday they'll thank me. or have me committed.)

so, we parked in front of this tree and while we were securing some stuff in the car, the girls discovered this carving and said "hey! it's A for angie plus C for chris! this parking spot was meant to be!" seriously. how perfect is that? awwww...

blue sky, red rocks, and a smidgen of snow. can you see it?

and this is what happens when the snow melts - waterfalls. we saw several of these scattered about in the mountains... kind of a rare sight in Sedona. we've had a crazy winter/spring, y'all.

took a drive to Oak Creek Canyon - man, that creek (or "crik" as chris calls it) was raging!

our final stop before heading back home was the Dairy Queen in Oak Creek Canyon, but before getting our tasty blizzards, the girls wanted to buy a little something from the "tourist traps" set up in the parking lot... which was totally fine because it was all beautifully handmade. :)

so... that was our kick off to spring break. even though there was a little bit of bitching & moaning in the beginning to the nonsensical suggestion to take a road trip, everyone agreed in the end that it was an excellent idea. *pats self on back*

what did you do (or what are your plans) for spring break?


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