losing my jiggly parts...

for all the pretty dresses...like this one:

Primula Dress

and this one:

Oratory Dress

oh. and for my health too. ;) but those dresses... *swoon*

6 weeks ago, i started "the angie makeover" - the one where i lose some poundage, because lemme tell you, i was piling them pounds on. and feeling it - i had zero energy, i was bloaty & gassy (it happens. don't judge.), and had consistent heartburn & acid reflux with every meal i ate, no matter what it was. not to mention, i just wasn't feeling like my best self. i know when i get that feeling, that it's time to do something about it.

i started this journey at the perfect time. turns out, i was at very high risk for diabetes, which i figured because it runs in my family. and... my blood work showed complications with my gallbladder, which explained the bloating and painful indigestion. YIKES!

so, last saturday marked the last day of phase 1 of my HCG diet (no more injections! hooray!) and the day that i tallied up total losses. are you ready for this? drum roll please............

23 POUNDS and 25 1/4 INCHES LOST in 6 weeks!!

i admit i was a tad disappointed that i only lost 23 lbs. during this phase. i knew i would be, only because i had set my expectations waaaay too high after reading the success stories of others on this particular diet (ugh. i despise that word.) and i had relied upon that number on the damn scale too much, like i knew i would... even though i knew better. which is why i also despise scales. unfortch, i have to make it my friend for the time being.

anyway, after taking measurements and seeing the total inches lost, i was more than satisfied. i lost a total of 6 inches around my waist alone! and 5 around my hips. totally noticeable because all of my jeans are now falling off my ass. and i'm looking like a fool. with my pants on the ground.

sadly, i also lost 2 inches around my chest (meaning - a cup size. or 2.) MY BAZONGAS! where have they gone?! stupid fat. wanh wanh. i shan't complain, though.

i'm now in the last 6 weeks of the "protocol" - where i get to slowly add in the good fats (helloooooo guacamole) and carbs/sugar. so far i've managed to drop another pound. i will say that after 6 weeks of minimal food/calorie intake, i was a bit hesitant to add more to my servings. my appetite still has not returned to normal. i'm happy to ride with it, but WHAT.THE.HELL.

5 weeks ago, this lovely little candy dish was filled to the brim with scrumptious hersheys kisses. (i didn't eat them all. i swear!) and it took everything.i.had to not dump the entire contents of said candy dish into my piehole, wrappers and all. everytime i walked by, it caught my eye. eventually, i had to go over to it, lift the lid, get a good whiff and then promptly walk away. btw, i am the only one who thinks hersheys kisses smell like cheese? anyway... now, i see chocolate and i feel nothing. NOTHING. it sorta makes me feel dead inside. heh.

* so... am i glad i did this? - absolutely. i needed to do something that would yield fast results so as to not lose my motivation. also, i've learned how to cook with real food! yay me! it's amazing how wonderful fresh produce, organic meats and spices can taste. :)

* would i do this again? - now having done it once, knowing what to expect, and knowing that i do have the willpower necessary to take this on... yes. but only with the understanding that this should not become a "quick fix". because it isn't.

* would i recommend this? - i certainly don't want to be an advocate for HCG, but i would recommend it with these 3 conditions:

- that it only be used as a jump start to weight loss & a healthier lifestyle (where it concerns food & exercise).

- that it be done with extreme determination and willpower. you'll need it. and it's required.

- that it be medically supervised and customized to your needs and your body. HCG is readily available out there in cyberland (and cheaper), but i dared not take that chance.

so tell me... would you ever consider such a ridiculous diet? ;)

with this makeover underway, i can now focus on the others i had planned for this year - my blog & little home re-decorating. and even an extra little fun & creative something. and with more energy! :D more on this later...

happy weekend!



jacque4u2c said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so AWESOME!!!!! You go girl!!!!!

Beth said...

first off: YAY! Congrats, sweetie!
sorry to see some of your dinners go, though!
I guess I don't really know what this diet is. I need to look it up.
But, I am with you on the lifestyle change.
we started the biggest loser contest at work and I am kicking my butt in gear. I have started the 'Couch to 5k' program and have been counting my calories, etc.
So, we shall see. I HOPE to lose some of my dinners. lol
hope you have a great weekend!

Denise said...

well congratulations to you Angie! Two women I work with went on this diet and have seen similar results as you. One of them was a size 4 to start so she's lucky I didn't kill her...wHatevER. Whatever makes you happy-but I like what you said about the lifestyle change part. So yes to loose jeans, quacamole and no gas :)!!
and those dresses are gorgeous.

Bekka said...

Congrats! Now go buy lots of cute dresses and model them for us!

Fashion show!!! :)

Anonymous said...

yay mama! I love that first dress and you should totally get it to reward yourself- awesome!!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Woooooooooooooo HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! CONGRATS Angie!! That is sooooooooooooo AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Erin said...

hooray for you! I will tell you my appetite is not fully back from when I was sick, so it takes awhile for your normal appetite to return. I have tons of healthy and yummy recipes, if you ever want some new ones. I need to take your makeover challenge and apply it to working out. I seriously need to get back in shape. Yes, I'm tiny and still nothing I own fits me, but I am not in shape. My BFF did the couch to 5K challenge and ran her first 5K a month ago. don't know if I can run, but I need to do something exercisey. Congrats again. You rock!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

You so deserve that Primula dress! It's GORGEOUS!!!!

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