hi! welcome to my blog! wow. that seems a little weird. i have officially entered the 'BLOGular' revolution, which i realize is SOOOO 3 years ago. but better late than never, right?

i have been tinkering with this blog for over a year now, not really knowing what i wanted to do. or say. or share. or not share.
it still needs a bit of tweaking & things to be added, and i'm pretty sure that the next time you visit, it will look different because, well... i'm generally never satisfied with anything i do. that's how i roll.
but for now, this is it. i had to get it up and running today, it being the 1st of the month and all, because i think it would have been weird to start it on the 3rd. or the 17th. (i have tendencies.)

nevertheless, i'm very excited (and a bit nervous) to now have a place where i can share myself & my life (as boring as it may sometimes be. feel free to yawn or doze off at any time. don't drool on your keyboard though. no bueno.)
and in turn, i finally get to connect with others and their lives.
i do need to thank
my halfer for designing my banner. or is it a header? yeah... that thing up there. and my geeky husband for helping me to put it all together. i'd have been lost without those two.

so... i really wanted to have a big 'ol grand opening-like celebration for this because, if you know me at all, you know how big of a deal this is. heh. but all i could come up with was a little giveaway... a THANK YOU gift, if you will... just for stopping by and leaving me a little love. because love is all i need. :)

if you leave a comment HERE between today and let's say... saturday, the 5th, i will enter your name into a drawing and then use the 'ol random generator thing to pick a winner for a custom handmade wall hanging that will look something like this:

ready? set? GO!

and thanks again for stopping by! i look forward to sharing and being shared with. wait. that sounds inappropriate. ;)


Chris said...

Congrats on starting your blog and on your other DT news. (I can't believe that I am the first person to comment). Once you have a blog, you will always have things you want to share!!!!!

Jan said...

LOVE you and MISS you and I wish you all the most wonderful stuffs!

Michelle said...

FINALLY woman!! So happy to see you have a blog! I've added you to my FGirl list on my blog so I can keep up with you!!


Beth Perry said...

That is a beautiful hanging!
And your slide show is on crack! lol
It is going supa fast!

metrochic said...

i was gonna say what big dinners already did. that slideshow is wiggin' out, yo. BUT HI! WOOBLOG!

scrapcat said...

congrats on the new blog!
and that wall hanging is insanely beautiful.

T said...

woo-hoo! welcome to the blog world!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

You're on a roll, lady! so inspiring!

lari scrap said...

It´s awesome!!! Now I can visit you everyday!

Bekka said...

Haha. Agreed -- it IS about time! :) I just assumed you had this super-secret blog that no amount of M&Ms could buy me access to. LOL

judean said...

love your blog! and congrats on all the fun dt stuffs :)

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