these 5 wishes brought to you by the new fall *Pottery Barn* catalog... oh, why do you tempt me so?

* i wish i could have these beautiful glass containers on a table somewhere in my house without having to worry about a child, or ball... or a dog's fiercely wagging tail, knocking them over and shattering them into a million pieces.

find these delicate beauties here: Voluminous Vases

* i wish they had pumpkins like these in my local pumpkin patch. wicker & silver & wood.... oh my!

non-rotting pumpkins found here: rattan pumpkins

* i wish i knew how to cook a turkey so that i could have thanksgiving dinner at my house, thus having an excuse to set my table like this and eat off of these adorable turkey plates.

find these cute turkey plates here: *gobblegobble*

* i wish i had wine. i mean, i love these monogrammed wine glasses, but they're no good to me without the wine. which i am currently out of. so... yep, i wish had wine.

find these lovely booze holders here: stemless wine glasses

* lastly, i wish the entry to my house looked like this one - pumpkins, gigantical lanterns, black crows, leaves on the ground... all of it. freakin' pottery barn.

incindentally, this was the inspiration photo for my Bleuprint challenge and layout above. aaaahhhh... beautiful fall.

so... what are your wishes on this beautiful wednesday?



Julie Ann Shahin said...

I love your wishful wednesdays!!!

Erin said...

ok, so I'm just now remembering you have a bloggity blog and checking it out. You have picked some of my PB faves! I wish I had a house that was halfway presentable (and a husband that didn't have crap everywhere) so that I could decorate my whole house in PB gorgeousness. I'd settle for those silver pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

there you go...inspiring me with your art and that darn PB catalog. sometimes i try not to even open up that catalog when i get it. sometime...i try.

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