Concerning my nerdlove for LOTR...

it runs deep, this nerdlove.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

see? i told you. from the One Ring wallpaper on my desktop, to my One Ring on a silver chain, to my gold One Ring earrings (enscribed with the dark language of Mordor) which i rarely ever take off, right down to this layout (made for OLW when i started scrapping again 3 years ago):

yep. NERD.LOVE. i ain't ashamed! ;P

after watching all 3 extended versions of the movie this past weekend, i'm still in that state of fantasyland euphoria... as i usually am for days after. i went out and bought the first volume of the book so i could read it again, which is what i was fully immersed in yesterday. so much that i read right through pick-up time. D'OH! my poor kid was waiting out in front of her school for 10 minutes. she got a hot fudge sundae out of it, though. so there's that. ;)

anyway, i'm not so much a hardcore Tolkien-ite as much as i am a huge fan of the movies (know what's fun? this movie trivia quiz.) and of the stories themselves,

and of,


(who also happens to be an incredible artist/photographer/poet/musician.)

but i am in awe of the wildly inventive and imaginitive mind that was Tolkiens. from that mind evolved an entire world complete with it's own history, and elves, dwarves, orcs, wizards, hobbits - each race with their own languages & histories - the man created Middle Earth! which i'm not entirely convinced didn't exist at some point. ;)

anyway, after having read the books, i can understand why hardcore Tolkien fans would be disappointed with the movies, but come on people... the true essence of the story was captured, even if a bit jumbled. bottom line... Peter Jackson = brilliant.

and i really really want to travel to new zealand.
and take the LOTR tour.
and take up residence in a hobbit hole in the shire. don't judge. :P

so... i think i'm going to dig up that layout above, update it a bit, frame it and use it as part of my new decor. that being said, i think it's time to end this totally random (& kinda embarassing) post and rein in my nerd flag. surely, i'm not the only one who lets it wave from time to time, right? heh.

again... don't judge.
and remember:

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

HA! ok, i'm done. i swears it, precious. ;)



Heather said...

fly that nerd flag proud! i'm a star wars nerd myself. :)

metrochic said...

sweet pete. i just watched them not that long ago but now i'm going to have to do it again! damn you, samwise gamgee.

Keepsake's Crafts said...

Waving along with you!!!
So much so we're getting these for our upcoming wedding:

Anonymous said...

well, heeeeelllooo!

ha! too funny. I feel the same about Harry Potter movies. I actually plan on a marathon of them when I'm sick. sometimes I day dream about faking sick so everyone will leave me alone and go to work/scghool and I can lay around and watch them.
I also rememeber with Han Solo (Harrison Ford)I planned on going to Hollywood when I was 21 so we could meet and fall in love, like I really believed it.
Now that's nerdy...

Denise said...

I am a lord of the rings nerd too!!! ohmg I love you for this post. I have yet to watch all 3 of the extended versions but my family and I want to. seriously I cry EVERYtime I watch Frodo say "I will take it....I will take the ring, although I do not know the way"
so brave.

Beth said...

yummy yummy yummy! I love LOTR, too!

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