it's a new... everything

yet, i feel like i'm already so far behind. and we're only 7 days into the new year! how does that happen?

speaking of new... TADA! new blog. finally. it's taken me long enough to clean it up. am i happy with it? of course not. i never am with anything i do {please tell me i'm not the only one}. 
it's a work in progress. 
there will be some tweaking  here and there. 
and adding of new things always.
but i am generally satisfied with it at the moment. 
it seems cleaner. lighter. simpler. 
and actually makes me WANT to blog now, so that's a good thing, right? because i have plans. and ideas. 
and things i want to share. 
oh yes.


super cool pic from The Telegraph

i feel like it had to be said. because everyone else has already said it. and blogged it. and tweeted it. and proclaimed their resolutions and set their goals for the year. and are actively practicing their chosen "olw". 
which is great. for them. 
yet here i sit, with my christmas decs still up, presents STILL strewn about the house, kitchen STILL a mess from christmas day festivities {I KNOW!}, a pile of last year's mail and bills that need attending to. 
BUT... i've come to realize that, well - it is what it is.

i really admire those people who have their shit together before the start of a new year {i won't lie. i'm even a little bit jealous}. i've thoroughly enjoyed reading all about their past year and new endeavors. i just have to come to accept that i'll never be one of those people. and be ok with it. 
so... there it is. 
and probably won't until around the middle of june. 
BUT... i did choose a "word" for the year. so there's that.

one thing i've really enjoyed reading on others blogs are their recaps of 2010. i would LOVE to do something like that, but i can barely remember what i did last week, let alone the happenings of an entire year. 
so, i'll just share my most recent "proud moment" event - in december, i was a featured guest on the JBS Inspiration blog!

now, anyone who knows me knows how big of deal this was for me. 
i was beyond thrilled! 
and here's what i made:

wicker ball ornaments

and a layout
totally fun. totally honored to have been asked.
not a bad way to end the year. an even better way to start off a new year (at least craftwise)!

1st post of 2011 - DONE. post #2 coming up in the next couple of days and it's all about the "word", so please do come back. ;)

hope your year is off to a fabulous start!


A Soldier Girl said...

Dear Friend,

I love you .. and when you are you, well you don't need to have your shit together and that makes you more human LOL. Great post loved reading it .. Happy New Year .. sorry I am not on a plane in a few weeks to Arizona to take the long drive to CA with you and Heather but I will think of you .. love ya ..

Your Gal

Erin said...

well, I posted half of a 2010 recap and cleaned my piles of bills and such new years weekend, but my christmas stuff is still up, my house is a disaster (perpetually, thanks to the hubs) and though I have a word, it hasn't been posted yet. hmm. it is what it is. It's gonna be one of those years for me, with school and work and other very important events around here, this year is gonna be one of those, it may or may not happen years for me. I'm ok with that.

Happy new year, my friend and big HUGE congrats on your JBS feature and thanks for giving me those beauties. xoxo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the new blog look Angie!! And CONGRATS on being the GDT for Jenni!! That is AWESOME!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what you created! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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